This is Vivek Manek I am an documentary photographer based in Berlin

With over 10 years of expierence ranging from photographing small schools in remote parts of India to sold out concerts with 10s of thousands in attendence.

I have photographed small town beauty pageants

concerts by Russian youtube sensation mumble rappers.


Am available to shoot for assignments currently based in  Berlin Germany.

Email  viky1310@gmail.com

Documenting a Performance arts festival, Follow a group of actors as they learn how to channel their angst in a body movement workshop. YES PLEASE!

Email  viky1310@gmail.com

I can order Coffee/kaffe/Cafe con Leche /फ़िल्टर कॉफ़ी /કોફી /कॉफी in 6 languages.



In 2009 I spent 6 weeks documenting a theater group working with amateur actors from a college in Dehradun



Nochmals Email  viky1310@gmail.com